I am open to any number of sessions, from design and why it is important for digital humanities to maps to “social” media in the humanities.

However, I do have a very particular session I would thoroughly like to participate in that revolves around teaching digital humanities:

  1. What we teach.
  2. How we teach what we teach.
  3. Why we teach what we teach.

I am particularly interested in finding out what other DH’ers would consider necessary skills—conceptual as well as technological—that students should learn or at least become aware of in a DH class.  What are, or should be, the core goal(s) for a DH class? How can we best reach that goal(s)?

On a final note, I would also concur with Jana Remy’s session recommendation on “Using WordPress’ CMS features for building an online CV/portfolio.”

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Directions to Big Corona for the beach bonfire on Tuesday night

Directions from Chapman to Big Corona Beach

View Driving Directions from Chapman to Big Corona Beach in Google Maps

Suggested Driving Directions from Chapman to Big Corona Beach:

  • Head south on Glassell St
  • Enter traffic circle and take the 3rd exit onto E Chapman Ave
  • Slight right to merge onto CA-55 S
  • Take exit 5A toward State Route 73 S/San Diego Via
  • Merge onto CA-73 S/State Route 73 S
  • Take exit 14A to merge onto MacArthur Blvd toward Newport Beach
  • Continue straight to stay on MacArthur Blvd
  • Turn left at CA-1 S
  • Turn right at Marguerite Ave
  • Turn right at Ocean Blvd
  • Slight left at Breakers Dr/Iris Ave
  • Drive around to public parking lot
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BootCamp on Digitized Books

I volunteered to lead a BootCamp session on Google Books, mostly because that was on the list of topics on the THATCamp website and it is something I know quite a bit about.  I would like to expand this topic into something like “Digitized Books”  as I think it is more appropriate to deal with the vast array of free online books that exist for scholars and students.  I realize that many people already know a great deal about electronic books online.    Thus, I am posting a bit more about what I would like to cover and would be happy to add to this if there is interest in a specific topic.  If anyone would like to help and bring examples of how you use Google, Internet Archive or any other books in your work, please either comment below or email me directly.  See you on Tuesday.

“Digitized Books”:

  1. Where are the free digitized books online and some of the features, advantages and disadvantages to each site.
  2. Your mobile life and digitized books.
  3. Where do they come from and how did they get there plus, how you can contribute.
  4. The implications for research in the future.
  5. Some implications for libraries in the future.
  6. And what about copyright?  How can these sites be even more awesome?
  7. The long term future of these digitized books online.
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I’m going to be driving out to LA for the weekend, January 8 and 9, to visit friends, and then heading down to Orange on Monday morning.  Anyone else going to be at loose ends the day before the conference?  I’m thinking, maybe…Disneyland?

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Some of my session ideas…

There are numerous topics that I’m interested in discussing at THATCampSoCal.  Here are a few:

  • Rapid digital tool-building experiments.  I can share insights from my work on CHNM’s One Week | One Tool team.
  • Using WordPress’ CMS features for building an online CV/portfolio.  Recently I used WP3.0 as a platform for Chapman University’s Faculty Promotion & Tenure ePortfolios, and can share my work on that project as well as suggest possibilities for future plugin/widget development that would streamline this process.
  • Strategies for building local DH communities, via sites like DHSoCal, and also through creating & hosting a California-based DH summer institute that’s loosely-modeled on the work done by University of Victoria’s DHSI.
  • The impact of social media on the terrain of humanities scholarship.  I can contribute my experience based on promoting and podcasting Yale’s “Past’s Digital Presence” conference.
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Welcome to THATCampSoCal

Please create posts to discuss the sessions that you proposed for THATCampSoCal and also update your profile on the site so we can learn more about you from the Campers page.

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