Towards an Open Digital Humanities

We recognize that a wide diversity of people is necessary to make digital humanities function. As such, digital humanities must take active strides to include all the areas of study that comprise the humanities and must strive to include participants of diverse age, generation, skill, race, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, nationality, culture, discipline, areas of interest. Without open participation and broad outreach, the digital humanities movement limits its capacity for critical engagement.

This is the link to the google doc, still possibly being edited:

Position Statement:

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About PhDeviate

@PhDeviate I teach English, with a focus on PoCo--specifically Puerto Rican diasporic literature. American Studies, narrative, and theory, too! I'm very interested in the creation of digital editions.

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  2. jmr says:

    I was there as well, and happy to have been:
    Jeannine Murray-Román, underused-twitter @pressingcoal

  3. I was there too!

    Penny Richards/@pennamitePLR

  4. aphillips says:

    Participant of the session. Amanda Phillips, twitter: NazcatheMad

  5. tanner says:

    I was there!

    Tanner Higgin @fearv

  6. alothian says:

    Also part of amazing collaborative drafting process: Alexis Lothian / @alothian

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  8. PhDeviate says:

    Drafted by: Marta S. Rivera Monclova / @PhDeviate AND the Diversity in DH session at the THATCamp SoCal 2011

    (Please add your name if you were in the room! Others, feel free to comment!)

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