Ridesharing to/from LA?

I live in central LA, near USC, and am without a car at the moment. I had planned to take the train to and from THATCamp each day… until I looked at the schedule and realized that the last train from Orange to Union Station is at 5.30pm. So now I’m wondering if anyone (perhaps a fellow USC grad student?) is planning to drive up from LA and could give me a ride––even if it’s just back to LA on Tuesday evening, since the train is convenient for all the other journeys. I’ll share the cost of gas, of course!

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I'm a PhD candidate in English at the University of Southern California, working on a dissertation about queer temporality and cultural representations of the future. I am also a participant in feminist science fiction and media fandom, and I’m very interested in the ways fan communities engage in critical theorizing and activism (for example, through online discussion and fan video). I’m interested in what forms like these can bring to humanities study as modes as well as objects of analysis.

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  1. Hi – I live just west of USC and could also give you a ride. I don’t think I’ll stay for the evening events at all though. My cell is 310-795-4943. I’ll be leaving around 7 am tomorrow and may be carpooling with another colleague as well.
    – susan

  2. jmr says:

    i’ll be driving down and back both days as well, and am located in the hollywood area, which is not so far from usc in the grand scheme of things. i can definitely ferry you home, although i probably won’t stay terribly long at the evening weenie-roast. my cell is 323.972.5983; let me know if you’d like a ride so we can coordinate.

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